Chloe’s Cake Smash Session

I know for a fact that Little Miss Chloe is a world-class eater. So, when she can over for her Cake Smash session we knew she’d totally be all over the cake. In true toddler fashion, she proved us wrong and wanted absolutely nothing to do with it!

Wanna know the great thing about cake smash pictures? A cute backdrop + a cute 1 year old (and they are all cute) = great pictures NO MATTER WHAT! Here are a few of Chloe’s pictures from her session.

Photography by Jamie Reinhart Photography

Romper by Petals and Pixie Dust

Pinwheels by Della Carta Decor






Lorenzo-Newborn Session

I know it gets said every single day, and I’ve said it quite a few times myself- but man-Lorenzo may be the cutest and sweetest baby I’ve ever seen in real life. His little face is just perfect.

Lorenzo didn’t exactly love the idea of being put down. He loved being held and rocked and loved on-and I admit, I thoroughly enjoyed it! You can really plan all day long but in the end, the baby is calling the shots. What resulted here was sweet and simple-a super neutral and natural session that really shows off how perfect a newborn really is. Enjoy the pictures!

Super adorable hat by Tanya’s Tangles

Photography by Jamie Reinhart Photography

Jamie Reinhart Photography-Orlando Photographer

To the mom who is pregnant with (or thinking about) baby #2

Today we are throwing Drew’s First Birthday party. Well-when I say “we”, I really mean my mother in law. I’m upstairs typing up a blog post. Last week I did his 1 year portraits, and then yesterday we did his Cake Smash pictures. While I was going through and editing his pictures, I couldn’t help but think back to when we were first talking about baby #2.

You see-I actually was fine with only having one kid-for many reasons. I didn’t necessarily think I’d be the best at dividing my attention and efforts between two kids. I wanted to make sure that I could be at all (or most) of my kid’s activities, sports, etc., and if I had two kids, I’m sure this would be difficult. I was also thinking somewhat on a financial level, because I’m sure one kid is less expensive than two. Now my husband-he said 2 or none, so two it was.

Our first child was pretty much perfect. Super independent from the start-easiest baby ever. When we first started talking about baby #2, it really stressed me out and I actually tried to postpone the idea, but it was too late!  I had all kinds of crazy thoughts. Besides the normal “How am I going to take care of two kids?” I also wondered how I could possibly love someone as much as Mason. What if I didn’t like baby #2 as much as Mason? What if he’s not as cute as Mason? I know these sound ridiculous, but they are the things I thought about ALL. THE. TIME.

This year with a baby and a toddler has been such a busy, diaper-filled whirlwind. Drew is such a happy creature (most days), and he is really just a “Good-Time Charlie”. I know he is going to be a handful when he is older. He is a handful now, but he is just the sweetest thing that he makes you forget how crazy he is! At one, he loves clapping his hands, playing peek-a-boo, bothering his brother, reading books (I know everyone says this, but he legit sits with books for long periods of time), and jumping. No interest in walking. He brings a lot of chaos and joy to our house, and we are so lucky to have him!

Here are a few of the nutso thoughts I had while pregnant with Drew, along with what REALLY happened, for those of you who are having your own fears of questions about baby #2!

How am I going to take care of two children-I can barely take care of my one! I thought this over and over again. Mason was such a good kid too, but I was always running around like a crazy person trying to get everything accomplished. You know how when you have your first kid, you often wonder what in the world you did with all of your free time when you had no kids? That idea just transfers with you. You will find yourself thinking “I wonder what I was so busy doing when I only had one kid” along with “I would totally own parenting if I could go back and redo my first time around”. You will adjust-I will say that the first three months felt like one long day, but just know that getting yourself up and ready and in a routine as soon as possible will help you figure out how to manage your own kids and get into a groove-because everyone’s groove is different. Accept help, ask for help, but don’t forget that YOU are capable of doing much more than you imagined, so don’t ever think that you CAN’T do it! It is going to sound backwards, but I actually did better after both kids when the help and the visitors stopped and I was just left to fend for myself.

What if I don’t bond with my second child like I did my first? You probably won’t. I only have experience with my two, so am in no way an expert, but I don’t actually think you have a choice. It actually took me a few months to bond with Mason-we definitely built our relationship over time. The recovery process from pregnancy kind of took me by surprise, so I spent a bit longer recovering-he wouldn’t eat, and he cried a lot-among other things (I know that I said he was a perfect baby-and he was-but we had to figure him out first). I also spend a lot of time worrying about him, and I think that the constant fear of something happened to him kept me from any kind of real connection with him for a bit. I wasn’t depressed or anything like that, just sore and worried!  With Drew-it was instant.  In both cases, I didn’t choose-it just happened naturally. My only tidbit of advice here is that if you don’t feel this instant, overwhelming bond with your child like everyone describes-it’s ok-just relax and it will come with time.

What if I don’t think my second child is as cute as my first? You will-mom goggles take over Every. Single. Time. I know this because every picture I’ve taken and posted of my children, I’ve just thought about how darn cute they were. There have been times I’ve looked back at the same pictures and kind of went “oh”.

How can I possibly love a child as much as I loved my first? Very similar to the bonding question, but the simple answer is that “as much” is just a crappy term, right along with “as cute”, “as smart”, “as talented”-you get the idea. It’s totally normal to compare kids-Mason was walking by 1 year old, we may be carrying Drew to Kindergarten. But other than that, you really just can’t compare them. You will never love one child “as much” or “more” than the other-because you will love them both differently, and that goes for pretty much any other comparison of the two you can make.

Two kids are expensive. You know how on Amazon if you have a qualifying purchase of like, $25, you can purchase a cool add-on item for right around $4? That is what having two kids is like. One kid is expensive, the rest are just add-on items.

If you have two or more children, I’d love to hear some of your worries in the comments! If you would like to read some survival tips for having two kiddos, stop by The Kitchen and the Cave!

Here are a few pictures of little man’s 1st Birthday Portraits and Cake Smash Portraits. To see more of my work or to create a session of your own, visit Jamie Reinhart Photography

DSC_8056-Edit _0043 DSC_8981-Edit DSC_8984-Edit _0042


Jetty Park Engagement Session-Grace and Tyler

We traveled out to Jetty Park nice and early for their sunrise engagement session. Just by looking at the pictures, you can see that the two of them are clearly meant for each other. In fact, they are so meant for each other that they were put in each other’s lives waaaay back in the 5th grade! The two of them were acquaintances all through school, but it wasn’t until college that they actually started dating. After quite a few years (a couple of them were even long-distance years), they decided to make it official-and I can’t wait for their upcoming wedding!

As for their session, they totally nailed it. The location, the time of day, the colors, the outfits, the jewelry…everything was perfect! They opted for a neutral and pastel wardrobe, which matched perfectly with the pink sunrise light as well as the nice blue sky that appeared a bit into our session.

Stop by and visit Jamie Reinhart Photography to view more of my work or to contact me about a session of your own!

Jetty Park Engagement Session-Jamie Reinhart Photography

Jetty Park Engagement Session-Jamie Reinhart Photography

A Letter to my Daughter

Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing the family of a sweet friend of mine. Heather has spent the past two years making healthy lifestyle changes, and has focused on making her health a priority. After losing 75lbs, Heather finally felt comfortable enough in her own skin to schedule a portrait session, and I was so happy that she chose me to do her pictures.

Little did we know, Heather was going to receive some news that was going to put a whole new perspective on our portrait session. She learned of a few pretty serious health uncertainties just days before our scheduled session, and even though it would have been completely understandable if they wanted to postpone their session, they made it out, and I’m so glad they did.

Pictures can serve many purposes. They can freeze a moment in time, bring life to an empty wall, document one of life’s many milestones, and is something great to hold on to as a memory. The purpose of Heather’s family pictures were made very clear last night when she shared a letter that she wrote to her daughter, and has kindly allowed me to share with all of you.

“Dear Adalynn,
I’ve thought about a lot of things over the last two weeks that I never thought I would need to think about. And hopefully I’m just overthinking, hopefully there won’t turn out to be a reason for me to have these thoughts. But none the less, I’m having them now. And most of them seem to center around you. Because here is the thing, my sweet girl… If something were to happen to me right now… you wouldn’t remember me. And that has been the hardest realizationout of all of this. You would see pictures, and videos, and people would tell you stories, but I’m not sure that your young mind would actually retain any memories of its own. I have sung you to sleep, every night, for your entire life, and although I have taught your daddy the words to our lullaby, you would never remember what my voice sounded like humming the words I wrote for you. You wouldn’t remember what I smelled like, or what my hugs felt like, or what I looked like in all of the million and one moments in-between the staged, filtered social media pictures of us together. One day you will see this… (Because isn’t that the point of this social media experiment? To document our lives to look back on one day?)… So, my sweet, beautiful and amazing daughter, today I leave you this picture. And I hope I am the one to show it to you one day, but if I’m not, I want you to see it and see what your mother really looked like, each and every day, as she held you in her arms…My life began the day your heart began to beat, and as you lay here upon my chest, my precious baby girl, I hope that you will always know that the heart you hear beneath your ear at this very moment… It beats for you. I love you”

When I worked on these pictures, I kept thinking of how much joy was present in the pictures. When Adalynn looks back at these pictures-at any age, under any circumstances, she will see how much she is loved, and how much the two of you love each other-because it pretty much jumps right out of the page at you!

After you are done enjoying these adorable family pictures, stop by to book your own session!


Jamie’s Friday Fave-9/25

Every Friday (or more realistically, every Friday for a while, followed by a Friday here and there), I’m going to share with you some of my favorite things.

I have soooo many talented friends and I’m so excited to introduce you to all of them over the next few weeks. Today I’m totally cheating because this friend was just featured on Orlando Mom’s Blog-which has an awesome newish Orlando Mom’s Make blog section, that highlights local mom who…well, who “Make” things.

My beautiful, talented friend Carissa has an Etsy shop called Little Brave One-she makes these adorrrrrable little baby and toddler (and even adult) shoes. I got to see a ton of her designs in person and they are all just perfect! Drew, little man #2, has a few pairs that he can FINALLY fit in! We are eyeing up her new Denver Bronco design…I think my kids need to have them in their life!

I could go on and on, but go ahead and check out the blog post she is featured in to find out more about Carissa, her shoes, and her future plans! Bonus: You’ll get to see a few pictures of her ridiculously cute daughter. You can find the post here:

Want to purchas a pair for yourself? Visit her etsy shop at These are just a few of her designs, so you really need to go check out her store to see what she has!


Newborn Bliss-Photography Style

I’ll share a little secret with you. Photography isn’t the first time I tried to start my own business. Nope, I’m no stranger in the whole trying to be self-employed thing. I’ve had partners in crime for most of these endeavors, and together we’ve looked into starting our own online tutoring business (never got past the research stage), starting a wedding planning business (and actually planned a wedding….well, they did. I was a useless partner), I sold children’s books for a few months, and had a little cake pop business (my partner moved-otherwise we would be going places). I did actually have a real job throughout all of this-I taught 4th and 5th grade for almost 8 years, but about halfway through I knew that I wanted to do something different.

Each and every one of these business attempts came without any real knowledge. I had no knowledge of how to run a business, I wasn’t a skilled baker, and the absolute worst was wedding planning-I had never planned a wedding, didn’t know how to plan a wedding, didn’t know the FIRST THING about planning a wedding! I would have made a badass secretary.

In true Jamie fashion, photography was no different. More specifically-my early attempts at Newborn Photography. Oh yeah. When I got pregnant with my first baby I was for sure I would specialize in newborns. Of course I didn’t know what I was doing, but that was ok-I had Pinterest. Oh yes, with Pinterest I could just go and pin the pictures I liked and then recreate them with my own baby, who would just be sleeping the whole time anyway. I’m going to go ahead and throw in the fact that I was a newbie on the camera as well.

I honestly had a better chance at planning a wedding.

The natural next step for me would be to quit photography all together and move on to the next idea that popped in my head. I’m not exactly sure what was different with photography, but somehow I kept pushing forward (even though I did have a few “I quit” moments), kept learning, kept practicing.

I’m glad I did-because if I hadn’t, I may not have had the chance to meet the little guy featured in this post.

The first hour of Jacob’s session consisted of trying to get him to sleep, which was fine by me-I got to sneak in extra baby snuggles. He was (and is) sooooooooo cute and so snuggly!!!! I think I got two pictures in that first hour, but when he finally fell asleep, he was OUT and let us do anything we wanted, perfect model! After he fell asleep, the rest of the session went super quick and we ended with so many great shots! This little cute just turned 3 monthsyesterday and is just the cutest, happiest thing. I love keeping up with his parents’ posts-this peanut is loved very much!

For most of his pictures he was dressed in a knit outfit by Goodnight Moon Baby Knits that I just love, and the knit wrap featured in the pictures is from J.Magic.Baby.

Stay tuned after the pictures for a few tips for newborn photographers.


As promised-here are a few tips to avoid a newborn photography nightmare!

-Keep the baby safe. It may LOOK like that baby on Pinterest is in a bowl full of candy, but they probably aren’t (or at least shouldn’t be). Many photos such as this, or when they are in the “froggy pose” are composites. Google composites and how to accomplish these for more info! Always make sure someone is within arms length of the baby.

-Keep the baby warm: This is so important-I’ve made this mistake more than once and believe me when I say it makes a difference. Set the thermostat to 80-85 if possible. A space heater also a great way to keep the baby warm.

-Keep the baby full: Have mama feed the baby right before the session starts. Take as many breaks as needed to feed-a full baby will be a sleepy baby.

-When purchasing props, invest in quality, not quantity. If you can buy 1 incredible setup that totally matches they style you ultimately want to achieve for $100, or 20 random hats for $100, pick the incredible setup. To save $$ look on FB for prop resell sites. You can also score some great finds at yard sales and thrift stores. Scarves from Plato’s Closet can be used as layering pieces and wraps! While you’re at it-buy a quality posing beanbag, it really helps!

-Educate yourself! Take a workshop, do an online course, whatever you need to do to learn more. I can list tips all day, but taking a class from someone who has beeing doing this for years and years is priceless information. To be shown exactly how to do something makes a world of difference. Creative Live offers incredible online courses-and the first run or rebroadcast of any class is always Free!

Welcome to the Show

When it comes to blogs, I have serious commitment issues. When I had my first baby, I was all gung-ho on starting a mom blog-you know, because naturally, I was a pro. That went down the tube super fast-so many reasons. One, I had a newborn and was sucked into a daily no-sleep time warp, and two-most importantly-I didn’t know what the hell I was doing! I then skipped from a food blog (I rarely cook), back to a mom blog, then to a photography blog, a mom blog, and then back to photography. One thing that remained the same is that I wanted my readers to get a little look into my life. It took me almost 3 years to come up with the genius idea to mix everything together and create one incredibly random blog. You’re welcome.

Enjoy my first post!

Right now I have a two year old. We are in it pretty deep with the “terrible two” phase. Anything is fair game for a tantrum. We of course have the usual fits over having to turn the tv or ipad off, but man can they get creative. The other day he was out of his mind upset because he didnt’ want to eat an avocado. He doesn’t like avocado and that’s fine, but he was insisting that this particular avocado was actually a plum and he HAD TO HAVE IT. How do you solve this problem, really? Stuff like this just totally stumps me. I just ate the avocado and let him lose it over the idea that I was eating his plum.

Our biggest issue battle right now is the tricycle. He has totally ruined the tricyle for us. He has this little red tricycle…loves it. BUT-he only loves it if he can ride it out front (I mean, come on-taking it out back to ride would be ridiculous, right?). On top of that, he can only ride it going away from the house. I’m dead serious. I take him outside to ride, because he loves it and I’m an amazingly loving mother, but once we get down the street and I’m ready to turn back, this amazingly loving mother has to pick up her screaming kid and his little bike and drag them both back to the house. Every. Single. Time.

Trying to make the most of it, I took him out for a little impromptu photo-shoot-the joys of being a photographer’s child. Does your little one have a “cute” little habit or interest that you would like to document? Fill out the contact form at Jamie Reinhart Photography to set up a meeting!

Here are some pictures of my little man and his tricycle. Out front. Away from the house.


What kind of fun shenanigans is your toddler up to? I’d love to hear from you!